• How much does Tradalaxy cost? It's FREE. Tradalaxy membership grants access to the full functionality of the platform free of charge.
  • I'm new to global trade. Any hints? We get it. Going global is a big deal. That's why Tradalaxy is built to provide you with simple tools and free 24/7 assistance in three languages. We've got you covered!
  • What are Free Trade Agreements, and why are they so important for a successful business? Free Trade Agreements eliminate trade barriers and create competitive advantages for businesses. This means almost all goods produced in one country and imported to trade partner countries are not subject to import duties or tariffs. This makes your price cheaper and export/import process easier.
  • How do I know I can trust companies on Tradalaxy? We validate both buyers and sellers according to the Responsible Business Conduct (RBC) criteria. We admit companies that do business abroad in an economic, social, environmental, and sustainable manner.
  • I'm ready to go! How long until I can start trading globally? It takes just 5 minutes to register your account and up to 3 days for us to validate your company. Then complete your company profile and add products. This way, you'll be ready to start selling as soon as we launch the remaining Tradalaxy modules in the 1st quarter of 2020.
  • What kind of goods can I find on Tradalaxy? Tradalaxy works with most industries covered by trade agreements. This includes consumer goods, textiles, clothing and footwear, food, agriculture, and chemical industry. We are a cruelty-free platform. Products that involve the suffering or harm to animals aren’t allowed on Tradalaxy.
  • Can I sell my goods on Tradalaxy? Do my products align with Tradalaxy’s core values? We don’t allow selling live animals and products tested on animals or manufactured at the expense of their lives and well-being. Restricted goods also include tobacco products, medicines, alcoholic beverages, and weapons. In addition, we expect all sellers on Tradalaxy to follow labor standards and the principles of fair trade.
  • How can I view the products of other companies? Right now, you can view the goods of other importers and exporters only if you know the Tradalaxy web address (subdomain) of a respective company. In February, we plan to launch the marketplace’s main page with a product catalog and a search option. Then you’ll be able to find other companies and their products quickly.
  • How can I find buyers? Right now, buyers can find your products only if they know your company’s web address (subdomain) on Tradalaxy. In February, we plan to launch the marketplace’s main page with a product catalog and a search option, which will let users find you quicker and easier. At first, we’ll bring buyers to the platform through our business network.
  • When can I finally start selling my products? How can I speed it up? Our marketplace doesn’t have all the functionality for buyers yet. We plan to launch the remaining modules in the 1st quarter of 2020. Meanwhile, get ready for the sales launch by providing the required details about your company and products.
  • When will my products be published? After you send your products for publishing, we’ll review them within 3–5 working hours (sometimes up to 8 working hours). If everything looks good, we’ll immediately publish the products, which makes them instantly available to buyers. If we find errors or inconsistencies, we’ll ask you to make changes and submit the products for another verification. For details, visit our Help Center.
  • How do you support businesses owned by women or refugees? Do you help newly established companies? At Tradalaxy, we distinguish and promote these businesses with the help of special economic empowerment statuses. A status badge calls for the support of the seller and attracts socially aware buyers. To apply for the status, submit details in your company profile. We also share information about these companies with international organizations supporting vulnerable business categories, such as UN SheTrades, CUTIS, and EPO. In turn, they can offer additional communication and grant opportunities.
  • How do I ship my products to buyers? It’s not possible right now because we’re still adding the necessary functionality to the platform. We plan to launch the remaining modules in the 1st quarter of 2020. For some time, Tradalaxy will take on the role of an intermediary to coordinate delivery services. Later we’ll add a list of logistics companies to choose from and an option of calculating your shipping costs automatically.
  • Do I need to find buyers and bring them to the platform? At first, we’ll be bringing buyers to the platform through our business network. However, if you already have buyers/partners you work with, we’ll gladly help you service them.
  • Who is going to buy my products? We build our platform for companies that follow the principles of fair trade. We try to ensure that your products attract wholesalers and retailers abroad who’re seeking partners in new foreign markets. That’s why we integrated the options of bulk sales and price negotiation.
  • How do you verify sellers? We ask all sellers to confirm their contact information (email, phone number, and company’s business and legal addresses), certificates, and trademarks. We verify email and phone number with the verification code. It helps us identify that a seller indeed has access to them. For company addresses, certificates, and trademarks, we request a copy of a confirmation document. We also refer to the information in publicly available registries on companies, brands, and certificates.
  • How do you make sure that products meet ecological standards and businesses comply with sustainability criteria? Only accredited certification bodies can issue documents confirming compliance with environmental standards. We, on the other hand, verify submitted information: if a company uploads sustainability certificates to its Tradalaxy profile, we review and verify them.
  • How can I view my сompany page? How do I access my online store? Please remember that we can create a store page for you only after you provide all the required details in your company profile. To access your online store, sign in to Tradalaxy and go to your company page from the "Company Info" widget on your dashboard.
  • I have created an account. What do I do next? ou can now complete your company profile and then add products: create products manually, upload them from a file or transfer them from your online store at Magento or WooCommerce. When you finish with these tasks, we’ll build your company’s public page — your Tradalaxy online store where buyers will place orders for your products.
  • I registered on Tradalaxy a while ago, but not much is happening yet. What should I do? Our marketplace was available only to sellers until the end of 2019. In January 2020, we’ve launched public company pages, or individual online stores. To get your online store on the platform, please fill out all the required fields in the company profile. After that, buyers will be able to find your products using your company’s web address (subdomain) on Tradalaxy. In January, we also plan to get the checkout process running. In February, we’ll launch the marketplace’s main page with a product catalog and a search option. You can expect the remaining modules to start working in the 1st quarter of 2020.
  • What functionality is available to me now? Right now, most of the functionality is for sellers: you can register, create your company profile, and add products. After you fill out all the required fields in the company profile, we’ll build an online store for you. Then buyers will be able to find your products using your company’s web address (subdomain) on Tradalaxy. Between January–February, we’ll get the checkout process running and launch the marketplace’s main page with a product catalog and a search option.
  • How can I promote my products? Our marketplace doesn’t have this functionality yet. We plan to launch the remaining Tradalaxy modules in the 1st quarter of 2020 and introduce paid ad options for promoting your products in the 2nd semester of the year.
  • What certificates should I upload? How do I choose certificates for my company? Not every company holds certificates, so adding them is optional. But remember that they are good for your business because they help build customer trust. You can add certificates issued by your country’s state agencies and chambers of commerce, such as a certificate/declaration of origin or conformity. If you hold international certificates, go to the "Company Certificates" widget on your dashboard and search for them in our database. Verify certificates by uploading their copies or providing links to official registries with a record of your company as a holder.
  • Where do I get a legal address for my company? To be able to sell on Tradalaxy, your company needs to be registered. In your company profile, submit the registration address of your business and upload a copy of the registration document to verify it.
  • What logistics and delivery companies do you work with? We don’t have a final list of partners yet because we are currently in negotiations with a number of global shipping companies.
  • I can’t find the right category for my product. What should I do? In this case, leave the marketplace category field empty. When you submit your product for publishing, we’ll review it and select the proper category for you.

Intuitive e-commerce experience

Tradalaxy is intuitive to use, while packed with rich functionality. We’ve thought out the smoothest paths for your experience within the marketplace so that you could focus on what you do best — expanding your business. Let our great UX, easily comprehensible visualized big data, and 24/7 support guide your way.


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