Brand Essentials

We appreciate your interest in Tradalaxy. Please review these brand guidelines before using our identity elements.


Our logotype

Tradalaxy logo must always be scaled proportionally and have safe space around it. The safety zone should equal to, or exceed, the height of the letter "a" in the logo.


Logotype color options

The logo is available in two primary (color) and two additional (monochromatic) versions.


Tradalaxy color scheme

Our palette consists of two main and three additional brand colors.

Main colors

Star Yellow

Money Green

Additional colors

Space Black

Pure White

Cool Grey

Friendly reminder

These brand elements belong to Tradalaxy
and are protected under intellectual
property laws.

Friendly request

Please never modify, alter, distort, or spoil our brand elements.
They were developed with love.
Don't use these graphics without our written consent🤞🏻.
Thanks ❤️


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